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About Houtman Construction, Inc.

A Family Business Committed to Building Quality Homes and a Quality Community

Craftsmanship has been a Houtman tradition ever since George Houtman's great-grandfather, Gurben Houtman, began hand-crafting furniture.  "Looking at his furniture reminds me of the importance of attention to detail," said Houtman.  "As we build custom homes, I personally oversee the quality of each home."  That's what leaves their customers with tremendous satisfaction and pride in their new home or remodel.


George and his father, Gerald, started the company in 1981 and in 1997 George and his wife, Ronda, bought the company.  Between them, they have been involved in the SDSU Construction Management Board, Brookings Regional Home Builders, South Dakota State Homebuilders Association, Habitat for Humanity, and more.


Ronda and George's son, Jeremie, is also working in the family business.  "He is learning to do all the things we do, and learning how we do them so he can keep this business going long into the future," said Ronda.

Call or email to arrange a meeting or simply discuss your thoughts, hopes, and dreams.

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